Originally from Boston, founder Nicole Abbett of From Where I Fly, is a Tampa based photographer, cinematographer, artist and drone pilot. A graduate of the University of South Florida, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in photography. Her commercial photography business expanded five years ago when Nicole picked up her first drone. Rapidly obtaining FAA drone certification, she established herself as a leading droneographer in the Tampa Bay area, as well as across the country. Nicole became the first woman to fly at an active airport in US, as well as the first woman to fly for the NHL (National Hockey League). She credits her success to hard work, refining her skills and nurturing strong relationships that have garnered her high profile jobs, referrals and repeat business. When she is not creating content for her professional career, she is creating for herself. Aerial photography has allowed Nicole to have a broader examination of the way she views the world and a way to challenge traditional perspectives, encouraging viewers to see the world from a completely different angle.

All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.
My portraits are more about me than they are about the people I photograph.
I think all art is about control - the encounter between control and the uncontrollable.
Sometimes I think all my pictures are just pictures of me. My concern is... the human predicament; only what I consider the human predicament may simply be my own.
Just advertising departments with legs and high heels.
— Richard Avedon